Waxing Treatments
Brow  $10 

Lip  $8

Chin  $8
Cheeks  $10

Full Face  $34
Includes brows excludes side burns.
Side Burns  $10
From ear to jaw.

Underarm  $12                             
Back Wax  $35
Includes shoulders to pant line.

Stomach  $20
Chest  $25 
Bikini  $18
A basic wax that removes the hair from the panty line to the top of the leg. Optional top of bikini line clean up n/c.

French Bikini  $25
This wax resembles a Brazilian wax, removing all pubic hair in front except a strip.It does not include the labia or bum hair removal.
Brazilian  $40
This wax removes all the hair on the pubic area including the labia and bum. Also includes any hairs creeping down the bum cheek!

Up Keep Brazilian  $30
For the regular client. Please book within 6 weeks for your up keep wax.

Full Legs  $40
Hair removal from the top of your legs to your toes excluding bikini line.

Full Legs & Bikini  $53
Half Legs  $25
Starting from just above your knees down to your toes.
Half Legs & Bikini  $38 
Full Arms  $30
Removes all your hair from your shoulder to the tips of your fingers.leaving you smooth and happy,
Half Arms  $20 
Up to you whether this wax is elbow up or elbow down.

** We use Epillyss wax for all waxing treatments
** No double dipping!**