Mini Facial  $60
This facial is quick, effective and to the point.  We start with a skin analysis, then a cleansing massage to remove any dirt on the skin followed with a gentle steam and thorough extractions. A treatment mask is applied. To finish the facial a balancing toner & moisturizer is applied leaving the skin with a natural glow - approx
45 min.   
Ultimate Facial  $80
This is a mini facial with the added pleasure of an aromatherapy massage of neck, arms, shoulders & back  -  approx 1-1.5 hour.  
Epidermal Peel Facial  $90 
This facial offers all the same benefits that the Ultimate facial does but a peel is applied during the steam leaving your skin fresh and new - approx 1.5-2 hour.  
Spa Facial  $100 
This is the Ultimate Facial with all the extras. Included in this facial is use of the brush machine for a gentle exfoliation, the suction machine to aid in the removal of black heads, an ampule customized to you then the high frequency machine is used to ensure no break outs - approx 2-2.5 hour.       
Acne Facial  $65 
The skin is cleansed, steamed and thoroughly extracted.  A specialized massage for acneic skin, followed by a treatment mask, clearing  solution and a oil control moisturizer - approx 1 hour.  
**We use Skeyndor products with all our facials